How much would a portrait of my pet cost?

My paintings start at $200 for a one-dog subject. Factors such as size and complexity of the background may alter the price.

Can you paint a portrait from one of my own photos?

I can look at the photos you have usually will be able to work from one of them. Keep in mind that the photo that you provide me with should be a photo you feel would look good on your wall. Sometimes snapshots are not clear (especially old ones) which would make it impossible for me to work from. The better the photo of your pet, the better the painting. Shoot lots of photos and feel free to send them to me so that we may discuss which photo will work best.

What if I’m not in your area for a photo shoot?

Sometimes I get more than one person in an area interested in a painting, making it possible for travel to you.  If not, I can give you detailed directions on how to get photos of your pet for me.

How long does a portrait take to complete?

Paintings take me from 2 weeks to 2 months to complete, depending upon their size.  If you are considering a portrait for a gift, please keep in mind that I sometimes have a waiting list.

Thank you and please contact me with any other questions!

For further inquiries about a painting or the commission process, please email me below.

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